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Dr.AlexKurian, Chief Medical Director at AayushCare Homoeo Medical Centre is an internationally renowned physician treating patients from more than 25 countries across the globe.

Dr.Juby Jose is a practicing dental Surgeon having clinical experience of over a decade. Her fields of expertise include Root Canal Treatment, Tooth Restoration and Cosmetic Dentistry.

20 yrs of experience Ayurveda

Dr. Sajitha M.S BAMS, PGDAND.

Hailing from a traditional family who had embraced Ayurveda as the way of life, Dr.Sajitha is a maestro of Ayurveda and panchakarma therapy.

20 yrs of experience Homeopathy

Dr. Jameel Sait BHMS. MD.

Dr Jameel Sait has made ‘Slim-in-Homeopathy’ his life mission and helps individuals to gain confidence by improving their physical appearance by helping them lose weight.

20 yrs of experience Psychology

Mrs.Rasha Fathima M.Sc Psych.

Mrs.Rasha specializes in Marriage counseling, family counseling, Individual counseling, Behavioral therapy in children, Drug De-addiction therapy and Alcoholism.

Specializes in Marriage & family Counseling, Stress Management Family &Parenting, Health Aging,Lifestyle and Self Care Adjustment Problems, Spirituality & Personal Growth Relationship & Intimacy

20 yrs of experience Psychology

Dr.Vandana Nayar M.Sc. Ph.D

Dr Vandana is an expert in Family/Marriage Counseling, Children /Adolescent counseling, Stress / Anger Management, Assertiveness Training and Positive Therapy