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Ayurveda is the Science of Life, Prevention and Longevity and is the most holistic system available to the mankind. It is the oldest surviving complete medical system in the world as its origin goes back nearly 5000 years.
Besides dealing with the principles for maintenance of health, it has also developed a wide range of therapeutic measures to combat illness. It uses a vast variety of natural approaches to health care including meditation, dietary advice, exercise, massage and daily and seasonal life style routines. Unlike Modern Medicine, Ayurvedic treatments are safe for all age groups, free from side effects and non habit forming.
Ayurveda is undoubtedly the worlds health care system of the millennium. Ayurveda deals with both the curative and preventive aspects of life in a most comprehensive way and preset a close similarity to the World Health Organization’s concept of health propounded in the modern times.

Treatments Offered

Ayurvedic Massage (Full body herbal oil massage)

Sit back soak in this general body massage which rejuvenates the body, improves vitality & reduces stress. Ayurvedic massages are very effective for Arthritis, Rheumatism, Sponsylitis & also for body aches.


A complete rejuvenation for ladies to maintain youthfulness. It includes fascials with medicated ghee & herbs, face packs, fruit therapy & medicated steaming for the entire body.


A once-in-a-lifetime experience which is a must for every bride-to-be. This is an exclusive therapy which includes herbal hair wrap facials with medicated ghee & herbs, special face packs, fruit therapy for the bodt, eye care, feet care & a herbal bath. The entire therapy ends with Dhava, aap of herbal & sandal wood paste & finally a fragrant herbal batch which keeps the body soft & glowing.

  • Vyango Pacharam : Cleaning of blemishes from the face
  • Karshanam : Herbal face massage
  • Mukha lepam : Herbal face pack-for 30 minutes
  • Ksheera Dhumam : Medicated steaming – for 15 minutes.
  • Weight Reduction programme & Steaming :- Herbal Powder massage & medicated steaming


Pamper yourself with this therapy for the body, mind & soul which is a combination of a face pack, dhava & body therapy.


After giving a complete head massage, head is wrapped in herbal paste to stop hair fall. It also increase concentration & improves sleep.


Slimming programme is a package of:

  • Herbal powder massage (UDWARTHANAM)
  • Medicated steaming
  • Dietary Regimen
  • Medicaments
  • Exercise and yoga

Ayurveda approaches the problems of obesity from a holistic perspective. Aproper balance of Ayurvedic treatments, diet, exercise and medicaments is the key to healthy weight management. Obesity is not just a function of diet but also related to lifestyle choices and habits.
Go beyond frenzy of high carb, low carb, high fat – low fat and other confusing diets….
To unlock the gateway to healthy weight, increased energy, balanced nutrition, healthy eating practices, regular physical activity, detoxification and create a balanced daily routine our Slimming Programme will be a solution.


Executives, ITI professionals, BPO’s who are continuously exposed to computer screen are prone to computer vision syndrome, confined to sitting on a chair for long hours with prolonged use of fingers on keyboards are exposed to difficult ailments like Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), cervical spondylitis, back pain, stress, eye pain etc. Improper sleep due to working late hours would disturb your circadian rhythm. Untimely eating also would bring gastro intestinal disorders coupled with mental and physical stress. To address these problems, this package of ayurvedic treatments would bring more awareness of health, fitness, nutrition, stress management and creative thinking to bring harmony to your unhealthy life.

Prevention and management of spirts injuries including Repeated Stress Injury (RSI), improve the effically and performance of a sports personnel

  • Shin splints (Anterior tibial pain)
  • Ankle sprain
  • Runner’s knee
  • Jumper’s knee
  • Ligament injuries of knee (ACL, PCL. LCL, MECL)
  • Quadriceps strain
  • Hamstring strain
  • Tennis elbow
  • Golfer’s elbow
  • Rotator Cuff tendinitis

AayushCare Regular Packages

AayushCare Nirvana (Wellness Package) 7 Days

ഉദ്ധ്വർത്തനം (Uddhwarthanam) - 2 days
അഭ്യംഗം (Abhyangam) plus Whole body medicated Steam - 2 days
ഇലക്കിഴി (Elakizhi) – 3 Days
FREE OFFER - Herbal Facial / Herbal Pack 1 sessions


AayushCare Soukhya (Rejuvenation package) 10 days

ഉദ്ധ്വർത്തനം (Uddhwarthanam)
അഭ്യംഗം (Abhyangam) plus Whole body medicated Steam
ഇലക്കിഴി (Elakizhi)
വസ്തി / വിരേചനം (Vasthi/ Virechanam)
FREE OFFER - Herbal Facial / Herbal Pack 2 sessions

AayushCare Santhwanam (Relaxation Package) 10 days /14 days

ഉദ്ധ്വർത്തനം (Uddhwarthanam)
അഭ്യംഗം (Abhyangam) plus Full body Medicated steaming
ഇലക്കിഴി (Elakizhi)
വസ്തി / വിരേചനം (Vasthi/ Virechanam)
FREE OFFER – Head Massage + Herbal Facial + Herbal Pack - 4 session

AayushCare Sampoorna (Full body Detoxification plus Panchakarma package) 14 days/ 28 days

Head Massage / Eye Care / Hair Care / Massage (Therapeutic / Relaxation / Rejuvenation) Steam therapy / Nasyam/ Medical Enema (Vasthi) / Detoxification

A Vedic blend of ancient therapeutic and rejuvenative procedures like Uddhwarthanam, Abhyangam, Whole body medicated Steam, Elakizhi, Vasthi/ Virechanam, Head Massage, Eye Care, Hair Care, Steam therapy, Nasyam, Detoxification.


  • Therapy by prior Appointments and is subject to availability Only.
  • Free Consultation with Ayurveda Physician
  • Additional 10% discount on other treatment charges
  • Additional 5 % discount on Ayurveda Medicines (cosmetics excluded)
  • Registered members should bring the card each time to avail offers
  • Membership fee once paid is non refundable under all circumstances
  • The card is for the use of registered members only and is NOT transferable
  • Payments can be made through cash/ Credit / Debit Cards/ cheques in favor of AayushCare Ayurveda
  • Card is valid until the designated period only
  • The rules and regulations governing the scheme is subjected to change without prior notice

Our Expert

Dr. Sajitha M.S . BAMS, PGDAND

Hailing from a traditional family who had embraced Ayurveda as the way of life, Dr.Sajitha is a maestro of Ayurveda and panchakarma therapy.

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